An Ode to the Whimsical World of Kate Spade ♠️

My first big girl purchase was a cranberry colored, Kate Spade bowler bag. Its pebbled leather, marked with a signature golden spade, accompanied me to my first job interviews. The pockets of its interior were ready to be filled with notepads and meeting agendas and file folders. As I carried it, I felt like I was being carried into my future. It was the perfect comfort, and a necessary accessory to bring with me over the precarious bridge from college to career.

Once I landed a job, more Kate Spade accessories ushered me into my New York City life as a journalist. A backpack with heart-shaped clusters of flowers hauls my laptop every day, a card holder carries my work i.d., a classy black crossbody bag escorts me to events, and an adorable pink pencil pouch is my companion in press rooms. Its bow-shaped zipper tab opens to reveal an eraser that says “To err is human.”

It's these zappy phrases and inspiring slogans that bring the playful wonder of the Kate Spade lifestyle brand to life. “Make Every Day Saturday” and “She is quick and curious and playful and strong” are posed on tumblers and tea pots and phone cases, illuminating the quotidian events of life. The delightful novelty purses shaped as flamingos, pineapples, and ice cream trucks make me smile. 

My personal collection now even includes a bed sheet set, bespeckled with blue dots, on which I have spent many weekend mornings unabashedly practicing my favorite Kate Spade mantra: “Eat Cake For Breakfast.” The brand is in part a marker into adulthood for young women yearning to carry the iconic bags—and a fanciful reminder that #adulting can be fun, too.

And someday I suspect that the bedazzled white kicks and beautiful silver cake platters engraved with the saying “How sweet it is!” as part of the Kate Spade bridal collection will guide me into yet another phase of life. (I may have already started a list of my would-be registry items and wedding must-haves.)

In short, I’m thankful for this whimsical world that Kate Spade has created. Her vision to craft a simple handbag, and the billion-dollar business that bloomed thereafter, is inspiring. The bags are a rite of passage of sorts for young women looking to build something of their own. And in a time where capsule wardrobes and closets of beige and black are the goal, my splashy Kate Spade accessories and home goods remind me to “Live Colorfully,” and with purpose.

Thank you, Kate.

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